BLOG: Abortion, Awakening, and what’s wrong with Australia.

Australia, what have we done!?

What a sad day for this nation.

Queensland MP’s, today, decided to vote to have abortion de-criminalized, making it now legal to kill a baby in the womb, up until 22 weeks of age, and even later with conditions.

That’s right, Queensland MP’s today voted for the killing of innocent kids. The removal of  future generations.

I am sickened by this reality.

I repent as an Australian, I can not believe this is happening on my watch!

I have been championing an Awakening of Australia’s churches for the past year, and an Awakening of the global church for nearly a decade. Today’s decision reminds me why, why I am so passionate about reaching the lost and reviving the found. Why I keep calling for unity in the church for the sake of the mission of Jesus in my region, across my city, and in the nations of the world.

When I say an Awakening I mean this, the church fully awake and fully alive as the hands and feet, ears and voice of Jesus. Loving as He loved, setting people free as He set them free. Pushing back the darkness and advancing the light as He did. Seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done.

And that includes loving people so radically that they would turn from their evil ways, repenting and running to Jesus.

That means being a voice FOR life.

That means adopting and fostering every child that needs it and supporting every young Mum that needs supporting.

That means Influencing politics for Jesus, taking the media for Jesus, rebuking the lies that so many have come to believe about Christ, and bringing our nation back to God.

Australian church, wake up! It’s time for your Awakening.

Many may be asking at this time, “What’s wrong with Australia!? How did things get this bad, that we would continue (remember Queensland is not the first state to pass such laws, rather one of the last!) to sanction such horrific murders?”

I believe that a large part of our problem is this. The Church has lost it’s influence in society, because the church has become so divided that it’s voice has become divided and diluted. Whatsmore, we have been so busy fighting each other that we have lost sight of the real war.

Friends we only have one life, this one. One God, Jesus Christ. One enemy, the devil.

We must stop with our doctrinal divisions. We must cease our ego and logo games. We must repent AS ONE.

We must love the hell out of the haters and hurting masses, AS ONE.

We must speak up for those who can not speak for themselves AS ONE.

I watched todays parliament live. When the bill was passed the public gallery cheered and cheered. Their voice was united and loud. We must be louder, not with judgment and condemnation, but with love that would lead many to repentance.

Australian Church, away with your doctrinal dramas, your constant splitting, fighting, competing and slandering of one another.

Stand, as one, and let us pray, let us love, let us unite, that Australia would be saved.

It’s time for an Awakening.

Australia for Jesus.

– Andrew

If you are passionate about seeing Australia come back to Jesus I encourage you to sign the Canberra Declaration.





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