Awakening Australia has come and gone… now what? Thoughts on sustaining revival for the nations.

In February of 2018 I walked into a stadium in Switzerland with Ben Fitzgerald and I heard the vision of Awakening Europe and Awakening Australia and I began to see it.

A stadium filled for Jesus. Thousands on the streeets for Jesus. Nations returning to Jesus.

From that moment on I have spent hundreds, I dare say thousands, of hours preparing for this weekend. I have preached all over Australia and invited people to this Awakening.

I have launched a ministry with the DNA of this movement at it’s core, and I have sent others out to do the same.

And now, off the back of praise and worship and preaching and praying that has rocked this city to it’s spiritual core, I find myself sitting on the floor, staring out at an empty stadium asking the question, “Now what?”

What do we do when the lights dim, the music fade, the crowds are gone and we go back to wherever we came from?

I’ll tell you what we do.

We become the Awakening.

We lean into our local church, not just by attending, but by stirring it up for revival, through love, radical generosity, and a prayer life that shakes every pew.

We lean into church unity, by getting involved in church unity movements in our region, or by starting one ourselves.

We preach the gospel when no one’s looking, and we stop for the one.

We preach the gospel when every one is looking, because fear is gone and courage has come!

We bless those who curse us and pray for those who persecute us, and we worship Jesus until heaven invades earth.

We be the Awakening we want to see in the world.

For me this means continuing to reach my hometown and the nations of the world with the gospel through Awaken the Valley and through worship leading and preaching, alongside my wife.

It means continuing to go across the road to my neighbors in Mt Evelyn.

It means continuing to go across the globe, to Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and God will into new regions such as in Russia, South America, and beyond.

It means loving my family and giving them my best. 

It means believing again that many of my family and friends will be saved.

It means continually dying to myself and letting Christ live through me.

It means being the son of God that I already am.

What does it mean for you? 

Now go, and as you have been and will be filled, begin to overflow with the love of Jesus towards every single soul.

The Yarra Valley for Jesus.

Australia for Jesus. 

The valleys of the world for Jesus!

Bless you all, 


PS-  I’ve created a website to help you start your own awakenings. Go to

I have also written a book on Evangelism and one on the Power of the Holy Spirit, you can get them here.

There are more large scale gospel events coming to Australia in February through the Franklin Graham Tour- check these out here.

Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting is March 2nd. I encourage you to join us for this historic day too.

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