About ATV


Awaken the Valley, or ATV as some call it, is a ministry birthed out of a desire to see the lost reached with the message of Jesus, and the found revived by it.

ATV is both a local and global ministry, with events held regularly in the Yarra Valley region of Melbourne, Australia, and also across the globe.

The ministry is an inter-denominational ministry. It serves all Christian churches.


The ministry has three main vehicles for reaching and reviving the nations.

MIRACLE HEALING NIGHTS. We host live events where the Gospel is preached, the sick are prayed for, revival is contended for, and the church is united.

ENGAGING CONTENT. We produce media, books, videos, blogs, podcasts and more, that are designed to engage users with the gospel. This content is designed to reach and revive for Jesus.

TRAINING THAT MOBILIZES. We train up and equip other individuals and ministries for the work of reaching and reviving others.

You can book us to come and be a part of your ministry or event by contacting us here.


ATV was founded by Andrew and Joyce Scarborough. It is run by a team from multiple churches of multiple denominations that are committed to keeping the main thing the main thing, Jesus’ message of salvation and redemption.

Andrew and Joyce have both been involved in ministry for over ten years. Among other positions, Andrew has served as a Youth Pastor for a small and vibrant church in Melbourne’s East, a Young Adults Pastor at one of Australia’s largest churches , and a Missional Church Planter with a multisite mega-church in California. You could say, he loves the local and global church! Andrew holds his Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Joyce Scarborough is a passionate teacher of God’s Word. She has taught in various settings from camps to churches to conferences. Joyce’s background is in nursing and she is a passionate advocate all those in need. Joyce has a huge heart for foster care and for the praying for the nations of the world, especially Israel and the Middle-East.

You can find out more about Andrew and Joyce at thescarboroughs.com

ATV is also made up of a team of amazing volunteers, many whom you will see serving at our events.

We are also fortunate to be set up as an Australian Company that is currently registering as a Christian Charity. We have a board of directors that keeps the ministry accountable and transparent and provides our founders with wisdom and insight when it comes to decision making.


Andrew served as the Young Adults Pastor of Discovery Church in Mount Evelyn between 2010 and 2014. During this time the Young Adults experienced a form of internal revival, growing numerically and spiritually. However, Andrew’s heart was always for more than just an internal revival, but a revival of his entire region.

In early 2018 Andrew received the vision for ATV. Andrew was attending Awakening Europe’s “School of Awakening” in Lorrach, Germany, and the name and the structure came to him over this week of training. Andrew felt God speak to him about his role in God’s Kingdom as being one similar to Elijah in his vision recorded in Ezekiel 37. Elijah saw a valley of dry bones, and was given a prophetic message for the valley, and soon saw an army come to life from what seemed dead. Andrew soon knew that he was to call what was dead to life, and awaken valleys across the globe, starting in his own backyard.

To add to this, in late 2017, Joyce attended the Bible College of Wales’ School of Ministry, where “praying for the nations” was a core aspect of her cohort. It is therefore both Andrew and Joyce’s conviction that this ministry maintain a global heart and be available to serve all nations.


Andrew and Joyce Scarborough: Awaken the Valley Founders