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There is more to explore in 2019.

2018  is GONE.

2019 is HERE.

What now? What will come of this year?

What will come of this great unknown?

The answer is waiting for you to find it.

2018 was what it was, but 2019 may be something entirely different, entirely lighter, entirely fresher… but that is up to you and how you respond to the invitations the Creator is giving you.

Let’s be honest… 2019 has the potential to be like every other year, unless you explore more, unless you step out further, sail farther, reach higher.

There’s no doubt about it, the wind of the Spirit is in the air… but you won’t catch it unless you hoist your sails.

There are millions of people waiting to hear what you have to say this year.

There are thousands of lives waiting to be impacted by yours.

There are countless stories that need to be written, memories that need to be made, and lives that need to be impacted by the hope that you carry…

So what are you waiting for?

This year, begin to explore more.

Book a trip, meet a neighbour, forgive a brother or a sister, sign up for that life changing course, challenge mediocrity, if you’re married- move towards your lover, if you have them- hug your kids, if they are living- write to your parents, and most importantly open your heart up to the great love, life and plans of God.

There are open waters for you to explore. Now go, make disciples of all nations, and be Christ’s ambassador everywhere His Spirit blows.

What new thing is God doing in you this year? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

– Andrew

PS- One of the new things coming in 2019 is and I’d love you to explore if it might be for you. Click the link and check it out.

Awakening Australia has come and gone… now what? Thoughts on sustaining revival for the nations.

In February of 2018 I walked into a stadium in Switzerland with Ben Fitzgerald and I heard the vision of Awakening Europe and Awakening Australia and I began to see it.

A stadium filled for Jesus. Thousands on the streeets for Jesus. Nations returning to Jesus.

From that moment on I have spent hundreds, I dare say thousands, of hours preparing for this weekend. I have preached all over Australia and invited people to this Awakening.

I have launched a ministry with the DNA of this movement at it’s core, and I have sent others out to do the same.

And now, off the back of praise and worship and preaching and praying that has rocked this city to it’s spiritual core, I find myself sitting on the floor, staring out at an empty stadium asking the question, “Now what?”

What do we do when the lights dim, the music fade, the crowds are gone and we go back to wherever we came from?

I’ll tell you what we do.

We become the Awakening.

We lean into our local church, not just by attending, but by stirring it up for revival, through love, radical generosity, and a prayer life that shakes every pew.

We lean into church unity, by getting involved in church unity movements in our region, or by starting one ourselves.

We preach the gospel when no one’s looking, and we stop for the one.

We preach the gospel when every one is looking, because fear is gone and courage has come!

We bless those who curse us and pray for those who persecute us, and we worship Jesus until heaven invades earth.

We be the Awakening we want to see in the world.

For me this means continuing to reach my hometown and the nations of the world with the gospel through Awaken the Valley and through worship leading and preaching, alongside my wife.

It means continuing to go across the road to my neighbors in Mt Evelyn.

It means continuing to go across the globe, to Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and God will into new regions such as in Russia, South America, and beyond.

It means loving my family and giving them my best. 

It means believing again that many of my family and friends will be saved.

It means continually dying to myself and letting Christ live through me.

It means being the son of God that I already am.

What does it mean for you? 

Now go, and as you have been and will be filled, begin to overflow with the love of Jesus towards every single soul.

The Yarra Valley for Jesus.

Australia for Jesus. 

The valleys of the world for Jesus!

Bless you all, 


PS-  I’ve created a website to help you start your own awakenings. Go to

I have also written a book on Evangelism and one on the Power of the Holy Spirit, you can get them here.

There are more large scale gospel events coming to Australia in February through the Franklin Graham Tour- check these out here.

Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting is March 2nd. I encourage you to join us for this historic day too.

PODCAST: Awaken to your sonship.

Andrew Scarborough recently preached on moving from Orphan to Son, from striving for your identity to receiving your identity.

As you seek an awakening, we pray this message helps you to be awakened to this reality of your position before God.



BLOG: AUSTRALIA- Get ready for a Great Summer Harvest.


Are you ready?

Are you awake?

Have you forgiven those you need to forgive so that you can share the greatest news of forgiveness?

Are you one with others so that you can be one with Him?

Have you laid down your ego and your logo so that you can facilitate His glory and jump into His story?

Are you rested up for the mission?

Is your heart ready? Your church? Your family?

Because it’s Australia time. From November 2018 to March 2019 we are going to experience a Great Summer Harvest, and we need to be ready.

What sort of a harvest am I talking about?

A harvest of souls.


Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Sons, Friends and Enemies.

Many many people will get saved, set free, and sent out in freedom and fullness of life this summer.

Thousands will receive the love of Jesus for the first time.

Many more will wake up to the full reality of the love of Jesus, the heart and blessing of the Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit!

And we need to be ready.

Queensland will see so many come to Jesus that the church will have no choice but to come together as one to simply cope with the logistics of so many salvations and so much gospel activity.

Western Australia will never again be divided and they will feel such freedom in the unity God pours out and the harvest that comes their way.

News reports will tell of a great turning to Jesus from Tasmania to Tamworth and Festivals of Hope will be the norm across our nation.

Literal and spiritual floods are coming to our continent.

The tide is rising, the waves are crashing, and the time has come to join God in this harvest.

You don’t want to miss this summer. You don’t want to miss this season.

Here’s just five ways we can all lean in together.

1. Pray.

Pray for our nation, pray for your region, pray for your neighbours. You will get phenomenal prayer resources at and

2. Unite.

Come together with other believers for the sake of God’s mission. We can’t afford to fish with fishing lines at this stage of the harvest, we need to come together around a net, and work together to bring in the wave of people that are about to come to Christ. Lean into things like Awaken the Valley / North / City, Awakening Australia, and the Graham Tour. This is going to take humility, to acknowledge that you can’t do it on your own, but your humility in unity will bring about the greatest breakthroughs, for you and those around you.

3. Rest.

I feel a real need to encourage you to rest. Rest up, value the principle of the Sabbath, because it’s going to be a summer full of activity and you will need the strength He gives as you sit with Him. But rest for a reason, don’t sit so long that you miss what He is doing!

4. Share.

Share Jesus. Everywhere, with everyone. Each day, I encourage you to pray this prayer. “Lord, who needs to hear of your love today?” Then speak every time you feel Him say, “that person!” Trust Him with the outcomes of your obedience, simply obey and trust, He will do what He wants with what you give.

5. Give God all the Glory.

Through it all, give God all the glory. One sure way to kill revival and to dampen any harvest is to start to take God’s glory for His story. It’s all from and for Him. Give Him all the glory for what is about to come!

Can you see the field is white for harvest? Let’s put on our boots and step out into the sun as one. Can you see the swell is forming, let’s catch the wave together!

– Andrew

We would LOVE to hear how God is moving in your life and in your community, please comment below with what God is doing in your heart and in your region.

BLOG- A Recipe for Revival

A Recipe for Revival.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “revival”.

It’s a buzz word for Christians these days, many are talking about how the church needs another “revival”, about how we are having a “revival”, or about how we are on the cusp of another one.

But what is revival, what is needed to have it, and how might it become your, and my reality?

Google’s Dictionary has an opinion on what revival is…

Revival: “An improvement in the condition, strength, or fortunes of someone or something.  An instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again. A reawakening of religious fervour, especially by means of evangelistic meetings. A new production of an old play or similar work.” 

Strong’s Concordance tells us what revival is in the Greek:

Revival = anapsucho; which means: “a recovery of breath, a refreshing”

The definitions are endless, but the principles for how how we get there, the ingredients, I believe, are few.

So, do you want a revival? Personally? In your church? In your marriage? In your community?

This is what I recommend you’ll need to “cook up a revival.” Here it is, my recipe for revival.


Before you begin you’ll need these tools:

  1. An invitation from God.
  2. Prayer.
  3. God’s Spirit.

You’ll also need these ingredients:

  1. Repentance
  2. Deliverence
  3. Unity
  4. Faith
  5. Action
  6. Humility
  7. Rest

Firstly, you’ll need an invitation from God. Only God can bring dead things to life, wait for His nudging and prompting, “child, now is the time for revival!” This is the bowl in which revival begins.

Take your “invitation from God” bowl and place it on your prayer bench. Unless the invitation from God is supported by prayer, the bowl may very well just crash to the ground without realizing it’s potential. Support it in solid prayer.

Then, wash all your ingredients in God’s Spirit. You can not do this on your own, you will need His breath to cover the entire process.

If applicable, you’ll now need to take a good portion of repentance and place it in your bowl, mix it in with unity, and faith. Keep mixing until you’ve completely repented of the lack of unity in the church, the suspicion you’ve held towards other churches and Christians, and the way you’ve taken your eyes off being a part of His body. Mix a little more until you’ve also repented of your lack of faith when it comes to letting God be God in your life, where you have tried to be in control instead of letting Him be. You’ve listened to business best practices and been in day long board meetings instead of listening to God and being in day long prayer meetings.

Once you’ve completely repented, you’ll need to grab a deliverance sifter and sift out anything that might hinder the revival that is to come. Religious spirit, tradition that limits the Spirit, Jezebel Spirits that fight for power, self seeking ways, egos and logos that won’t give credit to another, fear of people’s opinions, a need for control and a desire for money, all have to go. Ask God to deliver you from these evils.

You are now ready to take your ingredients and place them in the oven of action. You have to do something with what God has given you. Let unity, faith and repentance sit in the fire of God, and the fragrance of revival will soon be wafting out asking all to come and enjoy a new day that the Lord has made.

Now, place revival back on your prayer bench and dust it with humility. The reality is that this cake will be so good that people will come from far and wide to taste it. This is the real deal the world is crying out for, if you don’t cover revival in humility it will grow stale very quickly as God’s presence is sustained by the praises of God. Don’t try to take credit for this revival, remember, it all started with an invitation from God.

Finally, take some time to rest. This revival feast is going to get messy, it has to get messy if the masses are going to feast. Rest, eat a little cake for yourself, and then get ready to bake again, for there is a very hungry world out there looking for nourishing revival everywhere.

Talk soon,

– Andrew

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BLOG- The Journey Begins

They say every journey begins with a single step.

If you want a big tree, you have to start by planting a small seed.

There is no doubt about it, I’m a pioneer. I love to start things, and to go where few have gone before. I love to blaze new trails. Why? Because I’m excited about those that will come behind me and reap the benefits of the trail ahead.

Truth be told, I stand on the shoulders of my parents and theirs, pioneers in prayer and missions. I want to stand for something in my lifetime so that others can stand on what I laid down.

This last season my wife and I church planted, teaching a small crew how to be the church wherever they live, work, and play, rather than just attend one. We taught a group in California how to be missionaries to their own Western contexts. As a result there are activated Christians in a world that desperately needs the message they bring. By God’s grace and for His glory I share that that group are almost all living a radically more missional lifestyle as a result of our time together at “The Hub Movement”. When we announced the church’s “closure”, one lady moved to Florida to work with homeless and at risk individuals there, another man jumped into street ministry, another family moved to Europe and have engaged missionaly in their community there, and many more ripples have been made. Nothing makes me happier than equipping the saints for ministry, rather than doing it all myself!

And so… the journey of Awaken the Valley has begun.

It seems that as one season closes, it gives way to another, and for God’s grace to “pioneer again” I am thankful.

What will our legacy be from this venture? I don’t know, but He does, and He loves to grow seeds into trees!

As we start off on our journey, I want to encourage you with three thoughts for your own journey.

  1. Prepare. Every journey beings with a single step, but every step is taken because of preparation. I’ve tried hiking with inadequate supplies, poor shoes, and a poor tent and mattress set up. It wasn’t pretty. I was eaten by mosquitos, slept poorly, and was exhausted way earlier on in the hike than I should have been. Prepare for the journey. You may not know what you will encounter on your expedition, but you can have the tools with you just in case. For a new ministry I suggest that you talk to and surround yourself with the right people, make sure you have a clear vision and that it’s from God, and…
  2. Pray. It’s all good to have the tools and be prepared for any weather, but things of eternal value come arise from prayer. Their source is Jesus and their destination and motivation is His glory. Pray like your mission depends on it.
  3. Get on the path! Now get on the path! Take the step, and trust that God will be with you around every corner, and He will lead you out of every valley!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

You can find out how to get involved with Awaken the Valley HERE.

– Andrew