Get Involved

There are four main ways in which you can get involved in Awaken the Valley.

1. PRAY- Pray for your region. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for the Awaken the Valley Team. Pray for Revival! Please contact us if you’d like to receive our prayer letters.

2. JOIN THE TEAM- WE ARE GROWING OUR TEAM. We have a vision to see multiple “valley’s” around the world being reached and revived for Jesus and we don’t want to do this alone. Will you join us in reaching and reviving the nations one valley at a time? Contact us to see how you can join the team or register your interest to join our online or in person community for mentoring and coaching- head to YourAwakening.TV for more information.

3. GIVE- We need financial partners to cover venue costs, logistics, administration, hospitality, and staff. Please contact us or donate now if you would like to partner with this ground breaking ministry.

4. BE THE AWAKENING- Meet your neighbours, pray for people on the street, share the gospel with those around you including friends and family, support your local church, and worship like The King is alive and you are too!

Should you like Awaken the Valley to come to your region, please contact us.