BLOG- The Journey Begins

They say every journey begins with a single step.

If you want a big tree, you have to start by planting a small seed.

There is no doubt about it, I’m a pioneer. I love to start things, and to go where few have gone before. I love to blaze new trails. Why? Because I’m excited about those that will come behind me and reap the benefits of the trail ahead.

Truth be told, I stand on the shoulders of my parents and theirs, pioneers in prayer and missions. I want to stand for something in my lifetime so that others can stand on what I laid down.

This last season my wife and I church planted, teaching a small crew how to be the church wherever they live, work, and play, rather than just attend one. We taught a group in California how to be missionaries to their own Western contexts. As a result there are activated Christians in a world that desperately needs the message they bring. By God’s grace and for His glory I share that that group are almost all living a radically more missional lifestyle as a result of our time together at “The Hub Movement”. When we announced the church’s “closure”, one lady moved to Florida to work with homeless and at risk individuals there, another man jumped into street ministry, another family moved to Europe and have engaged missionaly in their community there, and many more ripples have been made. Nothing makes me happier than equipping the saints for ministry, rather than doing it all myself!

And so… the journey of Awaken the Valley has begun.

It seems that as one season closes, it gives way to another, and for God’s grace to “pioneer again” I am thankful.

What will our legacy be from this venture? I don’t know, but He does, and He loves to grow seeds into trees!

As we start off on our journey, I want to encourage you with three thoughts for your own journey.

  1. Prepare. Every journey beings with a single step, but every step is taken because of preparation. I’ve tried hiking with inadequate supplies, poor shoes, and a poor tent and mattress set up. It wasn’t pretty. I was eaten by mosquitos, slept poorly, and was exhausted way earlier on in the hike than I should have been. Prepare for the journey. You may not know what you will encounter on your expedition, but you can have the tools with you just in case. For a new ministry I suggest that you talk to and surround yourself with the right people, make sure you have a clear vision and that it’s from God, and…
  2. Pray. It’s all good to have the tools and be prepared for any weather, but things of eternal value come arise from prayer. Their source is Jesus and their destination and motivation is His glory. Pray like your mission depends on it.
  3. Get on the path! Now get on the path! Take the step, and trust that God will be with you around every corner, and He will lead you out of every valley!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

You can find out how to get involved with Awaken the Valley HERE.

– Andrew